Finished Reading:
Author: Retrospect

Author: 风吹南方
(MC is a reader that transmigrated to be a protagonist in the novel he read. ML is the villain in the novel. Anyway, MC here kinda don’t believe at other people at all except for the ML since the only one who helped MC when he drowned at the frozen lake was the ML. The story would be about the supposedly dragon and phoenix cultivator that would fight each other with either dragon killed phoenix or reverse to reach immortality. But no one knows the truth that both dragon and phoenix are double/pair cultivator instead which later will be revealed by both MC and ML when they accidentally find the way to the pair house. MC is the phoenix and ML is the dragon.)

Author: 千非
(MC is indifferent and cold face but surprisingly kinda lazy? if there is nothing important MC basically just laze around doing nothing but be chummy with ML. Being pet by ML all day around. the enemy is so-so and not worth mentioning. only when it was about the ghost story that is more better. )

Author: 肆二一
(MC is a writer on internet. ML is a petshop owner (also businessman). MC have allergies with fur so can’t accept ML since ML have a cat. Then MC and ML cat swept soul. MC becoming a cat have the bell chat (red envelope) group. MC trying to be famous by doing online broadcast and do dance. MC meet with 2 cats (master and black panther cultivation). MC helped a almost blind cat of an artist then become more famous. ML helped a dog owner later get a mystical bone from the dog. MC helped a cat to find his master and even went to intersection hell. MC helped a bunny rabit cultivation sister to find a mooncake maker sister. MC saved and helped a frog to find a koi friend which later becoming a dragon. MC meet with a rat (transform as a pig) trying to steal bone from MC for heavenly tribulation becoming god resident. ML protect MC. ML actually the Great Emperor of heavenly beings.)

Author: 精分柚子茶
(There are 2 MC: MC(from this life world) & MC(from the past world) MC actually meet a ghost which is actually from the past world with same face and same voice. They became friends later. MC hate his own father because his father left his mom and him. MC hate is so deep that MC wishes his father death to follow his mother. Later MC meet ML thus fall in love. But too bad, ML didn’t like MC at all. MC father took ML as his own son maybe feeling guilty of ML father death. ML in between of hate & gratitude of MC father since ML know the cause of his death father. ML took care of MC and even agreed to married MC out of fulfilling MC father death request. Later MC got into accident and the ghost took in MC body. Anyway, the MC from this life world is so sad and his friend is only the ghost. Afterwards the ghost replace MC and getting all the love from ML, his brother and family, friends. I was like what….? It would be better if the author just make the MC remember his past world.)

我是NPC (I am an NPC)
Author : 倾如故
(MC is an Emperor in a game. He died and transmigrated into a body of a real world. MC is a half-brother of ML which they will later develop into love. MC in life becoming an artist and later famous artist to receive first award. ML got into accident (almost died) caused by enemy from another big wealthy family (probably the female that he’s supposed to marry). In the end, MC still tried to go back to game or something.)

古典音乐之王 (King of Classical Music)
Author: 莫晨欢
(MC got into fight with his lover before performance. MC died of asthma attack caused by his lover. MC transmigrated into a new body of a Chinese teenager that is also good at violin like his previous life plus with strong hearing. MC then meet with (his secret fan) a famous pianist and composer which will be his (new) lover. The bad people (old lover + mastermind) are so easy to be solved and they got into jail. Basically almost no one know that MC have transmigrated except the new lover and (later decided to make hint to old lover in jail). Eventually MC reached and become the conductor for ML orchestra music team.)

Author: 寒梅墨香
(It feels like Beauty and the Beast at first. Only for later, the MC realized that ML is handsome and very kind to him thus beginning to fall in love. ML got angry with MC because MC didn’t listen to ML warning of not going to mountain for work. ML decided to punish MC and almost raped MC if MC didn’t admit/yield of his wrongdoing. MC got scared in the end so he surrendered. I’m curious here…. I mean if MC still didn’t admit/yield in the end, will ML rape MC? What would happen then? MC will hate ML forever or perhaps MC will say “I’m not wrong. Go ahead if you want to rape me, I’ll hate(never forgive) you forever”. MC parents is the old fashioned where they don’t accept homo-relationship and even hit MC with stick which later persuaded by ML parents (mom). MC parents are kinda forced to accepts partly because ML parents & family that is a big wealthy and prestigious one. ML family are almost all in national defense forces. Both later married.)

默读 (Silent Reading)
Author: Priest
(The end (boss) fight is a bit abrupt. It was like how a superman suddenly came to the location beat the bad guys in one swoop fell. They (the bad guys) don’t bring enough gun. There are still mystery in Fei Changyu that became vegetative person. Why Fei still keep his dad alive as vegetative person despite everything?)

Author: 小一不是小二
(MC and and his lover are duo singer in scandal. The company decided to kick MC out but keep his lover. Another company president decided to take MC in. The company president will be the new lover.)

巨擘 (Jubo)
Author: 尹琊
(ML is the boss of MC ad very supportive of MC. Fighting between grandsons for company which is stupid. What did they get? Nothing but bad end. But the relationship between MC & his brother & sister(real & not real) is so good. At least his real brother and sister is not jealous of him at all. The male can get babies. oh yeah…)

Strongly Pampered Male Wife
Author: 赤脚下的路
(MC can get pregnant and even for the second time. Jealousy & greedy brother. ML very supportive and protective of MC)

Author: 泡面香肠君
(it almost like that every female that associated with MC are greedy people. His mom, his two auntie and even his uncle wife and in-law, friends. They all think of money, property and wealth. When MC got in jail, they all ran away. ML is an adoptive brother but MC didn’t know it until when Grandpa dead.)

Author: 风流书呆
(At first MC planet is full of zombies then he got into brain experiment and died. The MC got rebirth after that he seems to be immortal as he can just went to sleep then awakened in the following next years to search for ML.)

Author: 大風刮過
(MC died struck by lightning and replacing a dead prince. The prince have a lot of male pet. Until MC meet with ML then accidentally destroy ML wedding. So MC have to marry ML as compensation.)

Author: 一波三折
(Why do i feel that MC is like a slut male? I can understand that MC have been abstinence in real life for 26 years since birth..but MC is just he doesn’t care who ever it is as long as the face is good looking, body nice thin, etc then he will sleep with them.)

Author: 莫晨欢
(MC Supermodel x ML Supermodel Designer. MC will then surpassed ML in the supermodel rankings as the number one in ranking list.)

Author: 風流書呆
(MC is a son from a wealthy family background. MC’s mom is a retired superstar. ML is already famous superstar.)

Author: 手帕望明月
(An MC Doctor with an ML patient.)

Author: 送君十里
(High IQ & EQ MC but Zero IQ ML. No OOC?)

author: 阿黑黑黑
(Half read …. About zombies but so far seems promising. )

author: 雾隐失落天wq
(This is a good story with happy ending. About a Minister (actually a transferred person from modern to ancient time) and a King)

(This is a good story with happy ending. About two princes got married to each other. Male Wife)

author: 完结+番外
(funny…though i didn’t expect that the MC will actually end up with the one he failed to engaged.)


after almost near 1 month

After almost near 1 month of using Vivo phone, here are the minus thing:

1. charger apparently gets hot while in charge/charging
oh come on…why? Idk but more bad thing, my phone also got a little hot while charging with the original charger. So i used Samsung charger instead.

2. phone does get little warm on the fingerprint scanner area at the back if you play game like “Ghost Town episode: choice of destiny”

3. Google. yes.
The “Google” apparently kinda a battery drain. So if you don’t want to drain your battery do not open “Google” at all.
If you want to access Google play store just login via play store or if want to access Gmail just login via Gmail app. Anyway I’d suggest to not click or open “Google” at all. If you open “Google” and then continued, the account and sync will automatically linked everything to Google which mean it will sync app data, calender, contacts, gmail, google fit data, people details”. No matter what you do to uncheck those options, they will come back being checked after you reboot your phone.

4. disable or turn off playprotect at Play Store option.
That is seriously a more battery drain. There is already playprotect on play store website so you wont need playprotect to check on your phone. Most app downloaded from play store anyway.

5. camera
The camera quality is still below Samsung Note 4.

Ahey… finished…

Just finished finishing playing the Layton Brothers: Mystery Room.
You get to play as detective assistant and help solves murder cases.
The minus is no punishment whatsoever for getting wrong answer. But hey, I like it.
The plus thing I liked is there is ending to the overall. Ending part.
Which some of other games don’t have thus one’d have to keep playing and keep updating the files.
Maybe others would like that but I pretty much don’t really like games where there is no ending to it. It’s boring even if there is improvements or new events. Over the years playing the same game over and over? That’s a waste of spaces especially for game that require installment.

On the other hand, there is this phone “Vivo V7” that I liked so much.
Why? Lets talk the plus of the phone:

– the mobile data network have this apps data connect permission.
What is this? This is the most important thing to have if you have and use only internet provided by telecommunications service provider (internet mobile network). Let you enable/disable (turn on/off) list of apps from using internet mobile network. So you won’t end up having 0 credit since all those connection needed credits which cost some money.

– status bar and notification
Let you enable / disable (turn on/off) list of apps notifications bar. Yep as you can see so that it doesn’t clutter your top bar with all the incoming notifications. This is so important when playing games without being disturbed. Incoming notify every minutes is annoying anyway. So lets get all the unimportant apps notifications off.

– i Manager data monitor
What is interesting? There are:
– Traffic settings monthly plan. As the name, you set yourself the MB/GB data you want to use and the day of which internet should be ON. So if you have internet packet with 1GB data and time limit 30 days, this help you set it. It also have reminder.
– Data usage details. How many GB data you have used.
– Network speed details. Speed of your internet.
– Network management. Let you enable / disable list of apps from using internet at all. God, this is all i want. Two options available: data network or wi-fi.
Seriously some apps you don’t know might have actually been leeching off internet without you knowing in the background. So this actually turned off the said apps from using internet. Cool!

– Battery – high background power consumption
Let you enable / disable list of apps that you think have high background power consumption. So this can reduce your battery consumption and make your battery last longer.

– S-capture.
who doesn’t like this? screenshot and screen recording feature plus it works in-game too (especially the rectangular and funny screenshot). no extra installation anymore.

Let us see if Samsung have something like the above mentioned.


I like this game.

It’s free and it’s not forcing people to buy.

The ticket system is good too.

You get free 5 tickets + bonus ticket for login every morning every time online.

A satisfying game.

I’ve been playing this game “The Prison Boys” on my phone lately.





I prefer ….

I played the ninja (otome/y?) game on Google play. Only the first character side, I give up. The game is not for me.

The character image is good but just that. Looking at the same images all the time is clearly not me. All i did was tap tap and tap (click). I didnt read the conversation.

There is this one game that i liked about the same but with more.

The furry one though with interactions, choices options, finding clues, finding items (search room).  Hint: “Hokinko Inn”


Install flash player on Opera browser linux

How to install flash player on Opera Browser linux:

  1. Open this link on opera browser.
  2. Choose “.tar.gz for linux” and click download.
  3. Unpack/Unzip the downloaded file, you will get folder “flash_player_ppapi_linux.x86_64”
  4. Install via “sudo apt install” or via “synaptic package manager” pepperflashplugin-nonfree
  5.  Copy all the files in the folder “flash_player_ppapi_linux.x86_64” to “/usr/lib/pepperflashplugin-nonfree” by open folder as root.
  6.  Restart your browser.

Just saw ….

Just saw Klik-it kabel.

Compared to socket it does looks more neat.

But the cable must be placed on flat floor and cant have contact with water drop.

What if one accidentally dropped a water glass near it?

The normal socket box is still better and at least more visible to the eyes.