A group of 6 green dots suddenly appeared being detected by the detection system that Len have which he tried to confirm again if there is another living being approaching closely to their location but it seems only that. Although the detection system can detect any approaching living being but it can’t provide more detailed information as what kind of living being it was and this makes him nervous since he didnt know who the other side are so he tried to confirm about it with his master that is next to him.

[There seemed to be 6 living beings approaching our location]
[I know]
[Eh? Master?]
[6 human]
Len was surprised by how his master said that the approaching living beings are actually human. How did Master figure it? Perhaps by smell? Len know that a dragon should have a good sense of smell that can differentiate between what kind of living being approaching them but would a dragon sense of smell be that really accurate? The question is master right now is in human form instead of his original dragon form, does that irrelevant? Anyway, Len decided to ask his master first before taking any action.
[What to do?]
[Lets wait and see]
Being told to wait and see doesnt bring any good feeling to the already nervous Len, he tried put a guard posture so that he can can react quickly to any possibility of approaching danger but despite being said guard posture, what he did was actually maximizing his hearing, vision and reflex.

Soon, the 6 figures appeared in of Len vision and it is really all human, all of them wears black clothes and with weapon on their hands which seemed like they are coming to fight.