Another good game

Finished playing Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde game.
It is a good game with ending that you can guess at the middle especially after Dr.Jekyll first appearance since you can see the face that there is eyes resemblance between the two. “Droopy eyes”
I didn’t know this was a actually from a novel.
But I like Mr. Utterson very much in this game play.
Although he didn’t believe what people say but he still listen to it.
But the game is very troublesome …

The not likable part:
There is only one save game progress (auto save progress)…which mean it will replace the old save. But you can backup the game online which also only 1 slot in case anything happen …

You need to get close enough to item or people so you can inspect them with magnify glass to interact or have conversation. Which mean if you are not close enough you might missed it.

You have to get close and talk with every person available there in place just to open a text conversation. Was all the text conversation important? Text conversation for the story plot yes, but the rest more like additional knowledge but not having any real effect to the overall story plot. For example who cares about having ever to read some novels or what British currency or just types of some alcohol…

The plot require you to follow the story as what to do next or you will basically end up missed or skipped part of conversations which can be kinda important. It will leave you empty basically… Not sure if you can continue like that…

Even some conversation can be missed just because you didn’t talk with the said right party at the right time…And once it happen, you have no chance unless you use the restore online save.

You can buy all to open the additional scenes but since I couldn’t afford to so I just watched the ads provided which you can view per 10 minutes wait (to get 30 points).
At first you need 160 points then 220 and 280 points but the game is long enough with 5 episodes with each episodes have 5 or more playable scenes inside.