after almost near 1 month

After almost near 1 month of using Vivo phone, here are the minus thing:

1. charger apparently gets hot while in charge/charging
oh come on…why? Idk but more bad thing, my phone also got a little hot while charging with the original charger. So i used Samsung charger instead.

2. phone does get little warm on the fingerprint scanner area at the back if you play game like “Ghost Town episode: choice of destiny”

3. Google. yes.
The “Google” apparently kinda a battery drain. So if you don’t want to drain your battery do not open “Google” at all.
If you want to access Google play store just login via play store or if want to access Gmail just login via Gmail app. Anyway I’d suggest to not click or open “Google” at all. If you open “Google” and then continued, the account and sync will automatically linked everything to Google which mean it will sync app data, calender, contacts, gmail, google fit data, people details”. No matter what you do to uncheck those options, they will come back being checked after you reboot your phone.

4. disable or turn off playprotect at Play Store option.
That is seriously a more battery drain. There is already playprotect on play store website so you wont need playprotect to check on your phone. Most app downloaded from play store anyway.

5. camera
The camera quality is still below Samsung Note 4.