Ahey… finished…

Just finished finishing playing the Layton Brothers: Mystery Room.
You get to play as detective assistant and help solves murder cases.
The minus is no punishment whatsoever for getting wrong answer. But hey, I like it.
The plus thing I liked is there is ending to the overall. Ending part.
Which some of other games don’t have thus one’d have to keep playing and keep updating the files.
Maybe others would like that but I pretty much don’t really like games where there is no ending to it. It’s boring even if there is improvements or new events. Over the years playing the same game over and over? That’s a waste of spaces especially for game that require installment.

On the other hand, there is this phone “Vivo V7” that I liked so much.
Why? Lets talk the plus of the phone:

– the mobile data network have this apps data connect permission.
What is this? This is the most important thing to have if you have and use only internet provided by telecommunications service provider (internet mobile network). Let you enable/disable (turn on/off) list of apps from using internet mobile network. So you won’t end up having 0 credit since all those connection needed credits which cost some money.

– status bar and notification
Let you enable / disable (turn on/off) list of apps notifications bar. Yep as you can see so that it doesn’t clutter your top bar with all the incoming notifications. This is so important when playing games without being disturbed. Incoming notify every minutes is annoying anyway. So lets get all the unimportant apps notifications off.

– i Manager data monitor
What is interesting? There are:
– Traffic settings monthly plan. As the name, you set yourself the MB/GB data you want to use and the day of which internet should be ON. So if you have internet packet with 1GB data and time limit 30 days, this help you set it. It also have reminder.
– Data usage details. How many GB data you have used.
– Network speed details. Speed of your internet.
– Network management. Let you enable / disable list of apps from using internet at all. God, this is all i want. Two options available: data network or wi-fi.
Seriously some apps you don’t know might have actually been leeching off internet without you knowing in the background. So this actually turned off the said apps from using internet. Cool!

– Battery – high background power consumption
Let you enable / disable list of apps that you think have high background power consumption. So this can reduce your battery consumption and make your battery last longer.

– S-capture.
who doesn’t like this? screenshot and screen recording feature plus it works in-game too (especially the rectangular and funny screenshot). no extra installation anymore.

Let us see if Samsung have something like the above mentioned.