Asix driver or Realtek driver on linux: you can’t have both

So if by any chance you couldn’t get asix driver to work on linux, you need to make sure :

  1. you don’t have realtek driver (that start with r81..) on your linux system
  2. if you have realtek driver, you would need to block that driver from running
  3. before you can use Asix driver.
  4. unplug the router or modem cable and plug it again for the device to be recognized.

Standard Ekspress luar negeri pada shopee

Langsung dari pengalaman sendiri mengenai perihal masalah pesanan yang tidak sampai ke alamat tujuan.

Berikut yang bisa anda lakukan untuk melacak paket anda:

Standard Ekspress pada shopee melakukan kerjasama atau join dengan J&T Express and Sicepat.

Tapi sepertinya kita sebagai pihak pembeli tidak diberitahu nomer resi baru setelah pesanan paket diambil oleh pihak J&T atau Sicepat.

Jadi pihak pembeli ternyata harus menghubungi pihak shopee melalui chat untuk menanyakannya yang terkadang susah sekali karena biasanya pihak shopee hanya menjawab dengan “Mohon ditunggu pesanannya dengan sabar. Nanti juga sampai ke alamat rumah.”

Perihal pesanan standard ekspress yang tidak sampai bisa ditanyakan kepada pihak J&T atau sicepat dengan:

  • melihat jalur point yang dilewati dari aplikasi shopee kalau tertulis “Paket akan dikirimkan ke DC_ …” atau “Paket telah sampai di DC_ ….” maka biasanya itu melalui pihak J&T. (Untuk pihak Sicepat saya belum mengetahui)
  • menghubungi bagian pihak DC J&T Express atau Sicepat.
  • dilakukan dengan mencari di google kata kunci “DC J&T Express di bagian map dan biasanya akan muncul lokasi alamat dan nomer telepon pihak DC yang bisa dihubungi”.
  • memberikan nomer resi shopee yang berawalan dengan ID dilanjutkan dengan nomer angka atau huruf.

Dan biasanya kalau pihak DC yang kita hubungi itu pihak pusat mereka akan memberitahukan kita bila memang ada nomer resi shopee dengan ID yang kita sebutkan. Setelahnya Kita bisa meminta nomer resi baru dari pihak J&T dan Sicepat (J&T dengan nomer resi yang berawalan dengan JA). Dan juga menanyakan nama kurir dan nomer telepon yang bersangkutan yang bisa dihubungi.

To get into MX Linux virtual terminal

What a weird way to get to the TTY or virtual terminal..

So try with Ctrl + Alt + Fnumber (try from F1 to F10).

until you get a black screen with blinking or flashing white underscores but nothing you can do yet… (mine works at Ctrl + Alt + F10.)

continue by pressing ALT + Fnumber (try from F1 to F10).

until you get into black screen that say “Welcome to Mxlinux powered by Debian”. (mine works at ALT + F4.)

to go back to working windows press Ctrl + Alt + F7. this one seems to be fixed.

Virtual Family 3

I’m playing Virtual Family 3. There will be the little girl ghost in the house that keep haunting and looking for things everywhere in the house.

What I did to finally get rid the ghost:
1. You need to make sure you answered every phone call.
2. there will be a phone call to ask you from the house seller? how’s the living going there and an option will appear where you can say “everything is fine” or “tell the ghost thing” but I choose to tell him the story.

3. at some point the news spread that the house hounted and you’d get phone from a person who said want to to help by snooping around? just because they’re curious about the weird event?

4. your neighbor will complaints about the flickering lights on your home that they always saw via their windows.

5. there will also be a previous worker from the previous first family that will come to you to help you with the weird flashing light on your home. I accepted him to let him see the house lighting?

6. there will also be a priest coming to your house to help you with the child ghost and I accepted by paying small money with later your character said that he dreamed that night the little girl already went to heaven.

7. the lights still flickering and the ghost still appearing anyway until at a point where you’re on 4th family generation where you have kid that will find something while they’re playing on the grass or lawn. Anyway praise your kid and he will follow the trail and then get the last toys collections that was the doll.

8. and all the flickering lights and the ghost appearing stopped after that.

9. i guess all of it are random events? or you need to collect all the toys before you can find the last toys?

A group of 6 green dots suddenly appeared being detected by the detection system that Len have which he tried to confirm again if there is another living being approaching closely to their location but it seems only that. Although the detection system can detect any approaching living being but it can’t provide more detailed information as what kind of living being it was and this makes him nervous since he didnt know who the other side are so he tried to confirm about it with his master that is next to him.

[There seemed to be 6 living beings approaching our location]
[I know]
[Eh? Master?]
[6 human]
Len was surprised by how his master said that the approaching living beings are actually human. How did Master figure it? Perhaps by smell? Len know that a dragon should have a good sense of smell that can differentiate between what kind of living being approaching them but would a dragon sense of smell be that really accurate? The question is master right now is in human form instead of his original dragon form, does that irrelevant? Anyway, Len decided to ask his master first before taking any action.
[What to do?]
[Lets wait and see]
Being told to wait and see doesnt bring any good feeling to the already nervous Len, he tried put a guard posture so that he can can react quickly to any possibility of approaching danger but despite being said guard posture, what he did was actually maximizing his hearing, vision and reflex.

Soon, the 6 figures appeared in of Len vision and it is really all human, all of them wears black clothes and with weapon on their hands which seemed like they are coming to fight.

Another good game

Finished playing Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde game.
It is a good game with ending that you can guess at the middle especially after Dr.Jekyll first appearance since you can see the face that there is eyes resemblance between the two. “Droopy eyes”
I didn’t know this was a actually from a novel.
But I like Mr. Utterson very much in this game play.
Although he didn’t believe what people say but he still listen to it.
But the game is very troublesome …

The not likable part:
There is only one save game progress (auto save progress)…which mean it will replace the old save. But you can backup the game online which also only 1 slot in case anything happen …

You need to get close enough to item or people so you can inspect them with magnify glass to interact or have conversation. Which mean if you are not close enough you might missed it.

You have to get close and talk with every person available there in place just to open a text conversation. Was all the text conversation important? Text conversation for the story plot yes, but the rest more like additional knowledge but not having any real effect to the overall story plot. For example who cares about having ever to read some novels or what British currency or just types of some alcohol…

The plot require you to follow the story as what to do next or you will basically end up missed or skipped part of conversations which can be kinda important. It will leave you empty basically… Not sure if you can continue like that…

Even some conversation can be missed just because you didn’t talk with the said right party at the right time…And once it happen, you have no chance unless you use the restore online save.

You can buy all to open the additional scenes but since I couldn’t afford to so I just watched the ads provided which you can view per 10 minutes wait (to get 30 points).
At first you need 160 points then 220 and 280 points but the game is long enough with 5 episodes with each episodes have 5 or more playable scenes inside.

Nice Reading Lists

Finished Reading:
Author: Retrospect


Author: 酒矣
(MC is a small writer and was brought by a sudden notice of system to play in a game world named King’s Game. The task is pretty simple? as he was always summoned and considered as the boss in all the game and need to solve the world problem around him. The only suspense only when MC became a gangster grandson and when MC became the last human existence surrounded by other fantasy existence (fairy, dwarves, elf, leech) and robots destroyed all human and replaced human. Revealed later that MC were actually the owner of all the small world plan and MC created a new life (ML) that will become his assistance but he actually get in deeper feeling with ML. But dont know how, MC got sick like sleepy and sleeping longer predicted that he will die but he didnt. Only to be for the soul transferred to a small small plane.)

Author: 雨之霽
(MC was a person in the cultivation era where the last life he fight with a boss villain and ended up suicide together with the boss villain. When MC wake up he was in a body that looked like him that he had always had dreamed in his past life. So he is not that clueless. But he didnt expect that he already married to man that lost eye sight and halted cultivation. MC asked ML the reason for marriage and such and ML answered that it was his responsibility. MC would later help ML to heal ML problem of halted cultivation and also get the bonus from helping since it will also increase his cultivation. Later there will be bad organization which actually led by the Boss Villain that actually also got transferred to the world like MC except the boss villain now only in a consciousness mode since the spirit are locked in MC necklace.)

Author: 甜腻小米粥
(Story is okay ……some not detailed explanations. MC is a book reader that suddenly transferred to the book story that he probably read. But it doesnt seems so as MC kinda like he cant even remember some detail clearly. Or maybe just the book novel that really doesnt have detailed explanation. So MC only know some like who is the male vilain and who is male hero, his family will go bankrupt later, the male villain will revenge to his original family uncle, and he will die in the male villain hand. Or there are forces that made it so MC cant remembers the story clearly. MC decided to nurture the small male villain as his son. )

Author: 盈澈逝雪
(Really a dogblood story. MC is an actor/artist and ML is a son of old military man. That is until ML leave MC for awhile in a car then MC got kidnapped and killed by thrown into sea inside a car with rock attached to body. MC sad by what ML said when the kidnapper called ML asked if ML care about MC that ML only using MC to protect actual boyfriend. But MC only to found awake again before everything happen. MC still have to be entangled with ML because of his father debt. MC finally know that ML have a certain childhood friend WZ that ML have been in love for 10 years. MC even get invited and drunked with a drug by WZ and almost got rape by old man but luckily saved by ML. Thus MC and ML finally have sex. When WZ and Dong announced his engagement, the stage fall and ML rushed to save WZ leaving MC heartbroken. ML got hit in the head thus forgot his past dream, WZ got broken hand while MC got hit in the leg. And to your surprise this time MC got to know that he is pregnant and run away disappearing with help of a certain senior artist GY. MC came back with son after 2 years missing. MC got his revenge on WZ with drugs but attract another enemy that Dong family. WZ hurt his hand and cant stand the pain so he used drugs. The Dong kidnapped MC but ML came helped where MC got pushed to the cliff with ML followed hit his head on the cliff rock. ML father still want to hurt MC but ML finally remember all the past so ML protect MC by taking his father company via his mother share. But ML mother actually had affair with the driver and kidnapped MC son. ML came in the last minute. ML father got reported cause of his crime in the past and ML as the son have to be in jail for years before he can be with MC.)

Author: 褚迟
(MC is a military counselor and ML is a General military. The enemy was actually someone from another planet who came and liked MC brother but unfortunately MC brother already had a lover so he modified their memory but MC seemed to know so he forced MC, MC brother, MC brother lover to be in a system. Later ML came inside system tried to save MC.)

Author: 鳳九幽
(Chu family and Xie family. Chu only son (MC) and Xie second son (ML) got married but later series of event both died. Both actually rebirth again with Xie brought back the book of Great Economy. ML is a man in wheelchair because of poisoned.)

Author: 今生缘浅
(MC is from one of giant family. ML is also a son of giant family but his parents died so MC family take ML in its family. MC liked ML but devastated after hearing that his sister going to marry ML. MC died a tragic end being hurt by gang friends and shot in the chest but rebirth again before everything happen.)

Author: 姜之鱼
(MC is a uni student that likes horror movies. ML is a ghost that MC meet in every horror movies he watched and participated via hologram experiences. It eventually revealed that ML is actually a ghost out of body experience that MC meet when he was a kid. But the mom was worried since MC becoming thinner so she kept the memories locked via hypnotics. ML finally returned to his body tried to visit MC but MC didnt remember ML anymore so ML as a producer designed and participated horror movies. It was okay but the end where the story revealed ML as a mental health dean is a bit …..)

Author: 缘何故
(MC is a rebirth while ML is a young master of giant family. MC donate his grandfather antiques to the museum which he meet with Fang old man. And then he visit the big city where he tried his luck based on his past knowledge to buy stock and such.)

Author: 黑蛋白
(MC is an adviser in a small province. ML is a general in main city.)

Author: 不会下棋

Author: 陈七默
(A story of family mother in law and father in law (MC) – the son(husband) and his wife (ML). Where the husband and his wife already married for a year but the wife still not pregnant so the mother in law asked the son wife to sleep with the father in law which result in twins baby. The husband know but just stood outside and didnt even do anything to help the wife. When then twins grows bigger, the son grew dislike toward the twins children that have his father looks. So the husband bring home another boyfriend which caused the fight between husband and wife. The husband kinda accused the wife seduced and having affair with his father. The wife got angry and decided to divorce the husband and brought the children out which the father in law agreed. Later the father in law and the son wife meet in a coffee shop to have a talk but both got drugged and ended up sleeping together the second again which result the second pregnant. The mother in law and the son came to visit the wife new job place and accused the wife seduced and having affair with the father in law with video of them sleeping together. The wife got so depressed that miscarriage happen later decided suicide with sleeping pill then calling the father in law. The father in law came later but already too late but still finding proof of his wife (accusing the son wife) and the son new boyfriend doing all the drugging via video which reveal the son new boyfriend pregnancy is actually from sleeping with the waiter. The father in law divorced his wife and have to take care of the son wife funeral etc. Later the his wife called saying that wanted to do suicide so the father in law rushed with car to the home only to get accident in the way thus died. The father in law wake up again in years before everything happened trying to prevent things from happening. He finally know that his wife derailed and having affairs with others while he was in military. The wife in law which a male still got into tragedy transformed into male that can get pregnant by his crazy step brother who wanted to slept with him. While his own son get close again to ML and even lied that he was the savior which bring them close. Father in law decided to tell ML the truth that his son is infertile. When ML invited to visit home by the son, the mother in law drugged ML. The father in law saw the ML condition when the mother in law and son came forward accused ML trying to seduce the father in law. But it revealed later in video that the mother in law the one who did everything. Father in law helped ML to move to different department but the son still came and caused trouble. Later father in law and ML meet which ML suggested to have artificial pregnancy.)

Author: J112233
(MC is star where his boss (ML) offered to help him with condition to become his pet lover. MC refused the money help and every offer of the boss. Later MC falle in love with a partner in the same job but later got betrayed and slandered of being gay while the partner got married to another daughter. MC who have heart problem died of heart attack in front of the boss after hearing the TV news. The ghost MC saw the boss visited his graveyard and such. MC then wake up again before everything happen and decided to accept his boss offer of money help and be his pet lover.)

Author: 西子绪
(MC (JCA) is a son from a second wife of a family where his mother always teaching him to do good things. So when MC saw a kid drown in water, he just jumped right away trying to save the kid only to broke his spine since the water is actually shallow which made MC have to spend his life in wheelchair. While his mother always said nothing and seemed to be nice and side with his husband and the first son from the first wife. Until when MC best friend came to visit and asked MC to visit his house to have gathering with friend where someone pushed MC down from stairs. MC wake up in the hospital only to have his best friend beside him while his mother and father can’t came up. Then MC brother JS came only to said cruel thing to MC which lead MC decided to do suicide jump from window. MC died leaving the heartbroken mother who came later but already too late. MC heard a sound asking if he really okay with it or he want to change his life that MC finally wake up in a body of someone along with the said system. MC realized that the owner of the real body (XQ) died of suicide sleeping pills. MC meet with his brother of the real body XW. MC got along well with his new brother. The system required MC to do good thing like picking garbage, helping people, etc which will grant positive energy and unlock some skills according to level reached. There also the negative energy from the negative surrounding. MC helped a kid from trafficker group and the trafficker group sister aimed and kidnapped MC. But MC defeated them after activating his leg skill ability and killing them while torturing the alive one man to ask who the perpetrator. After finally reached level1, MC finally could walk a little with crutches. MC decided to school again and meet a girl named LYY. They become close enough since MC helped the girl from being extorted by a group which hates LYY brother. Both managed to come out from the KTV and leaving behind the group to pay the bills. The owner of the KTV initial XY realized the MC and make note of it. MC helped LYY brother from almost died of gunshot and helped LYY brother from being dead using 2x of the skill. Later MC meet with XY which he know as a man who visited his brother in a party. With the help of system to track XY, MC managed to find a clue of the other trafficker. MC contacted the trafficker to ask for a meet between the two and used his skill on the said person to put the fact data of their dealing transaction with XY. XY asked to meet with MC almost kidnapped MC but with MC persuasion he managed to have agreement with XY with the hostage being released but some kept. One of the hostage from trafficker victim BJ actually have the same system like MC and went almost mad saying that he likes MC will protect MC and told MC to be careful of his brother XW trying to kill MC. BJ tried to hypontized MC to stay away from XW but failed since MC also have the said system so the skill didnt work. But BJ managed to do with XW and even told XW to do suicide but later failed since the creator of the system was actually XW.)

Author: 寒菽
(The story doesn’t have too much up and down. MC, a company worker Manager. MC liked his best childhood friend JT but unfortunately only one sided. That until MC was sick and went to doctor only to be diagnosed with terminal illness and won’t have much time 6 months or a year. MC tried to tell JT but got ignored reply. Then in the company, MC still have to teach his boss ZH (the son of the company boss) which is so lazy and don’t want to go to work. MC got home tired but only to find JT angry with him because MC didn’t help with making presentation slide caused JT to be failed in the company which caused their fight. MC felt that he had done so much for JT but JT didn’t even care an ounce of his life and dead. MC decided to resign from the company he is working since there is no meaning with how short his life. It was almost MC birthday, JT came back with gift but rejected and chased out by MC. ZH also came to ask MC to work again but MC finally said the truth about his dying illness. MC take a vacation went to stay at hotel and reserved a called boy which ML came mistakenly wrong room number. They finally have a bed together with MC paying ML money to ask to accompany for a month. They went to places playing paraglider, playing at cassino on LV, went to a castle manor, playing skiing. After a month, MC wanted to leave as MC doesn’t want ML to be sad with his short life. So MC requested to be sent back with plane but failed since MC saw ML sad face so MC ran back. Bu t then after coming back with ML to the residence, MC symptoms of sickness came back so MC worried that he finally decided to leave for good the last time. Making cakes with ML and send some to ML father also telling the butler the truth of his dying illness. ML wake up only to find MC had disappeared and left only a letter with all the reason of his leaving, sickness and dying. MC back home and went to his parents for the last time. MC father didn’t believe that his son is going to die so he bring MC to his doctor friend to be diagnosed again. There MC knows that he is misdiagnosed and actually pregnant. ML tried to find MC from the MC previous living place, work place and finally MC home town but got rejected by MC father. MC pregnant 7 months meet with JT again but their home dog barked at JT while JT pulling MC which caused MC to fall and JT fall to him. MC was hurt and forced to give birth faster which the baby comes out with lung problem which can cause asthma. MC wanted to tell ML but didn’t know anything about ML or his phone number. MC finally working again in his first senior company who helped him before and got to meet with his female co-worker which where he found that ML been searching him and got ML phone. MC got home drunk and the phone number paper slip dropped found by his baby son that his son got the phone and called the number which picked up ML. Later MC called ML phone number surprised that ML was so eager to meet him right away. Anyway, MC told ML everything about the illness, misdiagnosed, his body condition and their baby which ML accepted right away.)

Author: 宝典
(MC was a doctor before he disappeared in an operating room but that doesn’t have anything to do with the story. MC wake up as an important figure of a senior martial brother of a sect where there is his master and the master sister that liked MC. The three are on a trip to visit a village but the village already destroyed by the demon cultivator leaving only black mist and two brothers survivor which one of it is ML. In the middle of journey, they got attacked by demon cultivator where MC got poisoned from a battle since he can’t get his aura out. Because of it ML get ignored thus only stayed as outside discipline. MC finally got saved and can get his aura back but he owe large amount of debt so MC decided to get a task where he will meet the master sister and ML got into fight with group gang from different sect cause of herb. MC gave medicine to ML after seeing ML being hurt and helped to solve the problem with the other sect group left after being beaten. MC scolded the sister and ML told MC where he got the herb on the cave. Inside the cave with lots of herb, MC gave ML his pouch and gave ML to pick the herbs when a snake outside came and tried to attack them. MC tried to protect ML and used a curse on the snake but fall off lost hit the head on a rock and lost consciousness where a door opened. ML brought MC inside when a light(samsara) and a darkness(demon) appeared as a choice which ML choose demon since he wanted to get stronger faster. MC wake up and with ML finally got out of the cave. MC back to his living place to rest forgot about the herbs since his pouch is back so he visit ML place but after MC visited the market first and bought a fox beast. When MC finally visit ML in the outside discipline living place, MC saw ML being bulled by peers so MC decided to bring ML to living in his place while MC gone into secluded training. But ML peers is not satisfied so they tried to kill ML when ML doing task but later ML came back alive. Later a black hole reported will appear at a specific location place and time so all the cultivator sect have a battle which will conclude 10 people who could get inside where they meet with the leader of group gang before. MC and ML win the fight to get inside but the leader group gang got angry since ML cultivation is lower so another fight with his follower but ML still win. After entering the black hole that opened, MC appeared inside a stomach of a worm beast and killed the worm from inside, only to appeared on a lake where he saw a cleansing red herb. A leader of the group appeared with 2 higher master asked MC to give out the herb but MC refused by eating the herb directly making them angry thus fighting happen. A )

Author: 香芋奶茶
(MC is an almost red artist but have to gone missing for 2 years. When he came back, he brought a son back with him. ML is a big boss of a company, he had a big fight with MC after their (first?) bed sex. Then there was 3rd person QQ whom ML mother assigned which tried to separate ML and MC. MC and ML meet again with ML surprised by the new of MC having a little son. ML moved next door to MC to get close to MC and tried to find out whose little son it was. Then there is another male MY that liked MC and cooperated with QQ to separate MC and ML but always end up failed. ML & QQ meet with MC on a place where QQ drugged the drink for ML but MC ended up drinking it. And then ML came back to find MC in a toilet thus he helped the drugged MC and they got to bed for the second time. After awhile MC didn’t realize that he got pregnant with second child so MC continued to take a shoot on a cold lake where MC keep having retaking scenes because of the female lead W mistake. W also liked ML and disliked MC so W make trouble with MC with repeated scenes mistake. Because being too long on the cold water, MC felt hurt on his stomach where the previous labour wound. Later QQ can’t wait anymore so he kidnapped MC where MC being kept for a day in basement where MC felt the stomach hurt more and more. MC released the rope by skill and puch QQ .MY came in time so MC got caught again with MY confessed that he likes MC. ML tried to have a trade with my to release MC where they fight with gun. MC runaway with the car to visit his doctor friend for his stomach problem where he meet with ml mother there and mc got miscarriage with blood on floor. Mother came home and asked ML about MC being sick in hospital. So ML visited the hospital and meet MC and his friend doctor but the doctor refused to tell. Until one day ML saw the doctor message on MC phone when MC taking a bath, finally ML realized that MC pregnant thus asked the doctor how the baby. ML got angry and decided to get revenge on the already being caught QQ and throw it on the road.)

AUthor: 无仪宁死
(So sad story. MC have a boyfriend for 14 years. But not until MC is sick and discovered that he had blood cancer or leukemia. The boyfriend is the typical worker that got off work in the morning and came home late. The boyfriend have another lovers outside a boy that looked like MC. MC finally get appointment with a doctor and bit by bit the doctor liked MC. MC is not cured since the bone marrow needed have already snatched by another person. MC finally ran away but the doctor run after him and spend short life with the doctor.)

Author: 水千丞
(I never disliked an MC but I disliked this MC very much. MC works as a stuntman for a famous male artist. The famous male artist W are going to be engaged to a daughter of prominent wealthy family. ML here is the girl brother. ML worshiped the male artist or his brother-in-law also fall in love with him. That is until ML meet with MC that looked like the brother-in-law back. ML being heartbroken after hearing the new of his sister engagement with the man he like, wander the road in the night and meet with MC that offered to sent ML home. MC is older tha ML. They went back to MC home and started to get close with each other with MC said that he likes ML thus starting the relationship even went to bed but ML like the back position or doggy style since MC back remind ML of that man. Then came another artist LX from MC past which MC liked in the past but LX run away to foreign country after MC kissed him. LX came back asked forgiveness to be back the old days where MC cared and helped for him. LX asked MC for a meal treat. When there are drinking party after job, MC got drunk and LX take the chance to sent MC home but surprised to find ML. ML got angry with MC asked MC not meet with LX again. But then another second party, LX got drunk and MC have to sent LX home but instead brought LX to his own home thinking ML won’t be home. ML came back which surprised MC that he just grabbed the dropped phone and got out of the bedroom. ML asked MC why he didn’t pick up his phone call which MC showed his phone but only to show LX photo in screesaver which made LX angry slammed the phone. MC said that he need to take LX home since LX got drunk and got the wrong phone. But then the next day, MC meet again with LX to replace the broken phone thus have meal together and being photoed together which ML saw got angry and confronted MC. MC have trouble in his job since W dislike him after W saw ML and MC kissing together which ended up with ML pushed MC down. When the wedding day between the ML sister & W happened, ML got drunk in a bar with MC picked up ML to bed only to be kissed by ML while ML murmuring W name. MC got so angry only to know that he was a substitute of that W person. The next day they have a big fight with MC confronted ML about ML liking W and he as substitute of that person, the a phone call from W came with problem that MC wanted to surpass W since the producer wanted MC to become the main character replacing W and there are play with LX. ML decided to agree to W thus asked MC to refuse and if he want he can make him red but not to play with LX. MC didn’t agree so ML imprison MC in bed for week when ML released MC, MC ran away kicked ML. MC then asked his friend for another filming thus went to a journal program to a forest. ML called MC but before he finished talking the connection got cut and there is a landslide where MC died here. Three years later, MC wake up in a teenager body after accident in hospital with a mother next to his bed. The mother here sold the house and have debt since she have to care for his son. MC meet with his old friend again in hospital when his friend visited his sick coma father. His old friend helped MC with small artist job where MC will meet with ML again. Later ML new mother got sick of uremia need a lot money for treatment thus ML decided to steal from his old house but he was almost got caught by LX when MC rummaged the bedroom for money and cards.)

Author: 玄楼重霄
(I like this. MC is an owner of small antique shop which deal with jade. MC bought a black jade and when he was sleeping on a car, he dreamed a man… Then a sudden accident happened to the car, MC went out the car from the broken window and accidentally hurt his hand where his blood smeared the jade in his finger. When MC in a hotel after taking a bath, a man showed up in his bedroom. MC looked at the man ML which MC liked his face and thought that it was his friend sent to him. Only later to know that the man ML disappear / missing and MC realized that his jade hairloom missing. Then they meet again where MC was in a bath and ML came as therapists which MC recognized that it was the same person before so MC asked ML where the jade only to get answer “eaten”. So MC brought ML to a hospital to have it checked with x-ray and it was there. A sudden occurrence of glass breaking happened where ML protected MC with his back so MC have to treat ML back wound first then do another check up only to found the jade already disappear. MC even asked his sister help to provide identity card, passport ect for ML. They went to casino to check for ML power skill where ML said to be able to predict/win any game there but ML need to eat jade. There are people like gangster with motorcycle that attacked both while in car that ML protected MC being hit in the back. )

Author: 姜太婆钓猫
(MC died when there was storm and thunder hit the computer thus MC awake in a not yet 18 boy body that living with foster parents and 2 kids. The foster parents were the father neighbor decided to adopt the boy since boy father died only for money reason. MC came with pharmacist system that allowed him to concoct medicine from herb upgrading until reached God level pharmacist. MC tried to report the foster parents abuse to juvenile protection and meet with the director there but failed since there are no proof. MC thus recorded a proof conversation with the mother to the juvenile protection director but the director refused and even asked to delete the record since MC still a minor below 18. Later MC decided to sell the house to black market since the house still with his name. After got money from selling house, MC rented a house then started to concoct medicine and selling his medicine via black market even get a rich buyer.Then system notif came that there is a nearby medicine so MC came to the black market where MC meet the general (ML) for first time. There was a kid trying to sell the heirloom antler to save his brother in the black market but the market owner said the antler was a normal antler and didn’t worth much. MC decided to buy higher from the kid which later forced the market owner to pay higher to the kid. Then another system notify MC meet with a kid trying to sell item which he tried to bargain with his medicine but the kid afraid of bad medicine when the general came and buy the medicine from MC. A man came asked MC for help of curing someone sickness and brought MC to a mercenary place where MC will meet with the disguised mercenary general (ML) in the mercenary team. MC need to save the Mercenary leader and got confrontation with the pharmacist student and old teacher there. There are 2 beast snake attack and ML protecting MC from the beast thus making ML transformed into a white dragon beast but hurt so bad which later both getting closer via the medicine and food care that MC made for ML. Finally MC and ML have to separate when they get back to the camp with MC not knowing the real identity of the disguised general. There is another famous general that is ML rival and wanted to attack ML but failed since ML is so powerful and higher level. After separated there was news of a general being sick thus MC know that the disguised mercenary was the general. MC managed to cure ML poison with medicine from system reward. MC father & partner business came back from Myanmar. The partner business Luo interested in having business with MC about jade. MC got a jade need to do the special jade carving so asked a professor recommendation so they visit a remote village in Myanmar to meet with old man specialist in carving and a kid. MC spent time there and learned to differentiate rock then brought the kid back home to the professor place. Later the professor got a problem since the national stone jade in the museum its working being checked as fake so the assistant prof asked MC for help. They found the black market location on mynmar border.)

Author: 语笑阑珊
(MC is an actor and just when he got nominated as the best male actor award, something on top fell of and hit him then he wake up in another body of a thrid son from famous Sun & Moon family in jianghu which MC got a marriage contract with ML. MC have a cold poison and needed treatment which only ML teacher can cure so they began their journey. MC got a green jade ball from his mother and got white pearl ball from ML which when both combined it will attract lots snakes. Along the way MC meet an old man who told & give him a blue ball and red fabric clothes which said that MC need to collect 9 balls so he can get back to his previous world before the time. It was unclear how the previous body owner meet even become the demon leader follower so when in journey, they got attacked MC meet with the demon leader for the first time. And then MC meet again with the demon leader inside a trap when he was awalk in garden and got into floor trap. The demon leader brought MC into a hiding place and planned to brought MC out of town but when the carriage finally stepped not far they got ambushed with snakes and ML came forward to save MC. When they finally went and stayed at the water village, ML and MC meet with the demon leader again in a cliff which they fight, ML wanted to push MC away from the demon lord attack so ML fall of the cliff then MC followed jump off the cliff. Where both meet a phoenix bird and brought to a hidden village in closed mountain where they will meet a little phoenix bird, meet a real master and MC got accepted as his student. When they came back, the demon leader had already caught most of the prominent jianghu leader in the water village going to make them into sacrifice. ML with the real master went undercover to save them.)

Author: 路归途
(MC is a university student of archaeology following the professor visiting a burial tomb or mausoleum of a supposed general in dynasty era. The 4000 years old zombie (ML) wake up suddenly attacked (raped) ML when ML got pushed down by the team around. MC will meet with ML again when MC and his father went to visit his uncle house. Some people tried to kidnap the uncle in the night but failed so they kidnapped MC thus MC meet again with ML among with the kidnappers. The kidnappers are actually grave robber looking for something treasure inside. Along the way there are 3000 years old zombie, MC second brother the phoenix reincarnation, artist that is actually a beast with golden wing, a person of dragon reincarnation, an eunuch ghost, etc. The bad guys are actually a nine-tail fox that the emperor kept. The fox hated ML since he was always behind MC in everything and even the person that the fox liked instead like ML which i think it was MC in the previous life. MC and ML have two kids with the first kid pretty much like his father and the second kid have long hair with red mist skill half of the nine-tail fox skill. The story are mostly about visiting tomb from area to area and collecting or preventing something from the hand of the bad guy. Later there are also two worker (Black and White) from the underworld that have sickle on hand.)

(I feel betrayed… MC is a high ranking demon which manages to pass through a crack into the human world and get into a body of a third rate artist who got blackened with various troubles which later reported to do suicide by drowning in river. When MC and his assistant went on a ride they met with a car accident on the wayroad. MC decided to save the person in the car accident just because the man is one of the most rich influential people in human world named Fu. Fu feel grateful to MC for saving his life but MC just asked for money as return with Fu agreed so easily. It was not until when MC and Fu ride on a car and being chased by people and then kidnapped that MC was forced to save Fu and revealed his cruelty when MC killed one of the kidnapper. MC also meet with a famous cultivator named Qin who hunted and killed demon when MC was spying Qin on treetop but got noticed by aqin thus both got into fight with Qin attack MC in the chest with white sword. MC later meet again with Qin and have meal together with Qin gave MC a (poisonous for demon) drink and also when MC mother came then a monster came attacked thus forced MC to get hurt in back while protecting the mom. The people who want to kill MC which was his friend and his agent Xu ordered by the mastermind MC second brother because the grandfather wanted to give shares gold shop to MC which known with the help of Qin catching the missiing Xu. Then there was this second rich grandson Wang who suddenly came with cars while MC was shooting car promotion and asked MC to have a race with MC almost lost and attack Wang car almost to the side guardrail and win the game. Later Wang came again saying that he liked MC and both went to bed together but Qin came to save thus saw the wound on MC chest which made Qin realizes that MC is a demon. MC and Qin fight again with Qin almost killed MC but failed since the jade pandent owned by Qin turned into white light and get into MC body making Qin late in response realising MC was his lost dead master thus MC take the chance attacking Qin with his claw into Qin chest and then MC runaway. MC tried to destroy the almost ready portal that he previously made by using his blood but his body being controlled by the devil when in the last moment Qin came and saved him. Afterwrds is the rape scene of MC with Qin being trapped in the house by Qin while MC still being controlled by the devil with no way of telling Qin. MC felt the devil control weakened so he told Qin he wanted to be a human with Qin brought MC to underground where MC real body is and said that he need to kill/stab MC with the white sword so he can separate the demon & transfer MC soul to the real body which all successful. But the body with the demon still being controlled attacked and hurt Qin while MC tried to move his new body but pushed by Qin into a hidden room which Qin appears again a week later. Both stay for awhile but then Qin went missing leaving message (almost died) with MC later found the underground again and meet Qin inside and decided to give half his life to save Qin.

Author: 绍兴十一
(MC is just a normal soldier being forced by his superior to be a marriage bridge of the mutant leader, ML as requested by ML for the truce between federation and mutant. MC was the one who manage to get close and hurt ML in a battle between federation and mutant. But no one know that ML actually got hurt by MC weapon until ML told MC revealing the hole that keep bleeding which MC decided to save ML life. Then there is another soldier Ouyang who liked ML decided to hijack the spaceship of MC wedding dowry so that MC was forced to kill that Ouyang person. Later the father of Ouyang reported to the military that the captain which follow MC to have colluded with ML and MC was forced to be a witness so MC revealed the conversation of Ouyang with ML which he recorded before he killed Ouyang. But what surprised was ML actually in the court and later followed MC and got recognized by MC senior who lived in the same room and seemed to like MC. The senior decided to ambush ML in MC house and called MC outside to ask MC to participate in the ambush. MC was forced to shot ML but ML managed to survive using protection barrier. ML hated MC betrayal but still brought MC along as hostage while being chased by the senior and federation team and forced to to run and hide in history museum. The senior shoot a black hole weapon in attempt to destroy ML and sacrificed MC in the way. After that MC got sucked into the black hole and actually arrived in a place where all started in the past just before the mutant started where MC meet the young ML and get to know that the cause of mutant was the white fog and nuclear bomb. MC came back again 20 years later the future through the black hole again from protecting ML and then there is the invasion of a new entity lived in andromeda galaxy, the one that spread the white fog to kill the original habitant and occupy their land or planet.)

Author: 淮上
(Both MC and ML are police, just that MC was supposed a dead police 3 years ago in a building bombing of drug dealer case. The case informant was said to be dead being killed by MC. MC out from hospital and stayed in a bar of his past informant (a female owner) then meet ML when a male teenager died in fridge case happened in the bar kitchen. The biggest drug dealer were 3 people with initial King ,Queen, Jack, which K was actually the dead informant and Q rumored to be a women but was actually MC because K and Q was childhood friends. K and Q meet when they were children which Q lived in orphanage. K was a son of the biggest drug dealer in Asia located in Myanmar. Both K and Q went missing in the woods and fall to a pit which Q saved K by giving blood to drink but when the rope came into the pit K pushed Q so K was saved first leaving Q to be saved later. Q was adopted by K / K father and that Q have to follow and never betray them which later Q was also put to work into police station so that Q can be their insider but Q rebelled. There are a case of two missing kids which a repeat of the incident. The were traitor in the police which. )

Author: 从来不问
(Seriously there is something that is weird for me here….. MC is a famous artist but he got disfigured from sulfuric acid that was thrown to MC face by one of his crazy fans and then MC agent/assistant locked MC in the basement room. Where MC have no water/food and forced to eat his own meat to survive before finally dying. MC Is smart though I wonder why he end up dying like that. MC soul then was bound to a 098 system and began the world traversing journey while completing missions and collecting points. Later MC meet ML which is actually the God Head of the world. In the past live, ML was only a small entity/fairy living in a small world practiced thus got more strength and was found by the God Head that ML had to pass the robbery realm to be able to move pass to the big world. MC was a small entity that hadn’t produced spiritual knowledge saved ML so that ML passed the last robbery and later ML hide in a similar world so the God Head didn’t noticed. ML wanted to save MC almost disappeared life so ML decided to fight the God Head which later win the fight but hurt badly. That is when another (evil) man wanted to take the God Head from ML so that ML was forced to split the God Head in two halves.)

Author: 莫晨欢
(MC was a famous artist but died in car accident and awake in a body that looked almost like him even with the same name but in a future interstellar era. Unexpectedly he have already married with a certain famous entertainment business owner, ML. ML Grandfather wanted a grandchild thus looking for person that can match his grandson ML and that is where MC matched the gene with 98%. Later replaced with MC that it become 100% but it came with infertility that their two gene was both too dominant so that it destroy each other. But don’t worry after so long experiment they finally have 2 kids : 1 boy and 1 girl)

Author: 徐徐图之
(Must read since this is a very good story. MC is an artist while ML is a jewelry designer. ML meet MC in a bar and fell in love at first sight with ML thus kissing MC. ML was a straight guy before and most of his his past girlfriend was big breasted. MC had a first love in the past which he confessed 3 times to his school mate but got rejected though not until the last where he was kissed by the said school mate. Later, the past school mate appeared again also as a star and then there is this old woman who is a producer which later decided becoming MC godmother but actually it is only for his son which was actually MC first love. The godmother wanted to make MC and his son together again. I think the godmother used something like paparazzi which take picture of MC and ML in their bedroom house together via window which spread online thus making black water of MC homosexuality (to separate MC and ML) but later she helped cover the incident. Maybe she thought that by doing this will make MC feel indebted to her? At first ML mother didn’t accept ML and MC relationship together but later she accepted them because MC is so good (caring, cooking, saving & calculating money). There is also (gay) male god which MC liked so much. There is really no bad people here and no bad comrade either in entertainment so is kinda high professionalism. And seriously I kinda like the ML here, ML can be jealous but not to the point of crazy possessiveness and such that will hurt MC. I mean ML even have high tolerance of MC praising other male handsome.)

Author: 公子闻筝
(MC is an artist and died of suicide by jumping from a high building and returned to the past. MC remembered his past life where his director LB and manager dumped all the black water blame (from alcohol to drug user) of his comrade to him. MC and his comrade (JR) are a duo in a program TV. MC had a grandpa and an autism brother which not the real family but the family of the deceased police. MC got adopted into the family after being saved from trafficker which caused the both savior police and one of the son dead. MC suffer from night blindness and aplastic anemia but got bone marrow transplantation from the brother which is a doctor. MC later take audition and meet ML or rather his real brother which is a famous artist. ML (JY) is a male famous artist. So MC lost his real mother and his real father decided to go back to the grandfather house but leaving MC in the road. MC keep waiting for his father until he almost got kidnapped by a man and meet another kid which is the police son. MC real father married a second woman and brought a new son to the family so that he could get the bone marrow needed for MC. The director LB thought that JR was the kid he meet in the past on the orphanage but it actually wasn’t the same kid. At first the director LB meet the kid MC but later MC disappeared and a new kid who looked like MC came and replaced MC since the orphanage mistaken the face. ML is also like MC which remembered the past life and later the director LB also remember some of his past life memories through dream which later LB regretted his action but already too late. LB finally used drug on himself.)

Author: 一波三折
(MC and another man (which not mentioned the name) were in bed and a certain person YW (ML) happen to saw it thus ML tried to steal a kiss on MC. But the man lying next to MC wake up and find out thus ML decided to stun/kill the man using MC hand. But what ML didn’t expect was the man who died bind MC to a system in a virtual world so that ML have to follow MC. The world:

MC have a foster brother (whose parents died) and both lived together. MC have a boyfriend but the boyfriend was robbed by the foster brother. MC worked in a company when a new manager (ML) came up. Then there is a schizophrenic young master who stalked MC since MC saved him when there was a robber on bus. MC and the schizophrenic man became close and the second meetings MC meet with a bunch of hooligans which the schizophrenic man used this chance to make MC fainted with drug. The schizophrenic man brought MC to his house and chained MC. MC wake up thus asked for a smoke and hypnotized the said man to find key, let free and thus MC managed to run away. The schizophrenic man realized everything after watching the surveillance camera and called MC by phone but MC said that he can’t forget his boyfriend. Later boyfriend (frontseat), MC and brother (backseat) in a car on a trip when suddenly a car crashed to them. The boyfriend died on spot, the brother protect MC so the leg become disabled. The manager (ML) came to the spot and made an introduction to MC. Later MC nursed the brother and suddenly disappeared afterwards. When the brother tried to find again MC was already so sick and eventually died of cancer.

MC is a rich man who decided to bought a young master SS of a bankruptcy family. MC brought SS home which later the man got interested with MC. But MC rejected the man offer of sleeping together until the man reached age 20. MC sent SS to school and also sent then man to apply for entertainment singing and playing film. MC knew that SS later would meet and fall in love with a rich man from Meng family. MC and SS get close until finally SS reached age 20 and the promise of sleeping together which MC use hypnotize. Later MC brought SS to meet with Meng family which of course the Meng taken a liking to SS but rejected by SS. Later SS got busy shooting on other country and asked MC to catch up on airplane. But before even MC car reached there, a bunch of hooligans with big motorcycle intercept so MC have to fight them first. When MC finally arrived at airport MC saw SS with Meng so close together. When reached home, SS told MC that he decided to follow and moved agency to Meng. MC asked SS to choose Him or Meng which SS choose the later. MC got angry but still said goodbye to SS which SS left with please with for me. MC decided to brought a new male HL from a club which he visited and decided to raise HL. SS know the news from TV and get angry. MC called SS to meet in hotel but only to see MC with HL together in bed which SS left in bad mood. SS decided to trap HL with a woman and send the picture/video to make a big scandal even let MC see the action. MC cooperate with Meng stepbrother and send proof of Meng doing illegal with SS help so Meng got into jail. SS become the biggest shareholder of Meng and even succeeded Meng business. Later MC visit SS in his house but got drugged weak limb medicine in his drink by SS. SS raped MC by keeping MC regularly drink medicine until one day MC managed to drugged back SS by kiss with the same medicine and then called HL to come over to pick him up. When HL got there, MC hypnotized HL so HL got angry and killed MC in front of ML eyes lying in bed.

MC is a master of demonic sect where he took the throne from previous master and got poisoned with rot body unless he get male essence. MC killed a whole family but a kid XT from the family managed to escape in a hidden well. MC take XT away dropped him in the river and take XT as apprentice. The kid get close to MC since MC promised food and new clothes everyday. MC even nursed XT to health but also poisoned it with small penis medicine so the kid penis is not grown. Later MC brought a new kid BQ that he kidnapped and erased the memory to serve as servant for XT. But XT didn’t like BQ at all and keep attacking BQ. Until MC saved BQ from drowning which caused by XT push. MC even slept together with BQ also asked BQ to provide heart blood to heal his poison. When a festival, XT got so angry seeing MC and BQ together and went to the other male pet house which he later almost got raped but his penis didn’t react at all. So XT went to ask a doctor only to know that he got poisoned 5 years ago with the drug book source from MC. XT later know that MC was also the one who killed his whole family when he was tasked to go down the mountain. XT later besieged and trapped MC using one of MC most trusted follower and imprisoned him and later also held BQ as hostage/prisoner in jail so MC wiling to do anything which later XT send BQ to the tiger cave. MC and XT were in bed when MC stick a sharp chopsicks hidden under pillow into XT neck. XT later regained his memory as ML and died in the hand of MC.

MC is a zombie master who just wake up with no memory of previous. Until MC was brought by robot master GX which says that he knew MC and would help MC regained his lost heart. The robot master even created a prototype that looked like MC just to deceive the other human master GY. MC held wedding with the robot zombie when the human master came with plane and told MC to follow him if MC want the heart back. MC received his heart back and came back to 200 years in the past. MC meet with GY when GY was washing hair in a lake. GY decided to bring MC back home but MC can’t just stay there without drinking regular blood. So MC slipped away and zombie break occurred because of MC attacks on normal people which brought zombie virus. GY moved MC to a hidden house in a hidden suburb mountain where MC meet with GX. MC drink blood and have sex with GX. GY came later only to be surprised to found a mark on MC body and left in angry. GY and GX are brothers.)

Author: 迎阳
(So far there doesn’t seem to have a serious love rival. Was there love rival? Yes but passive so it is mostly how the MC and ML interacting.
Famous artist x Small artist
Butler Niece x (Disabled?) Master’s Grandson
President x Minister Son
Red Dragon x Sacrificed 7th Prince
Missing Ex-fiance (for 12 years) x Missing Prince in a small deserted planet
Disabled OCD Professor Son x Small Statue Angel)

Author: 路归途
(MC have a very yin body and meet ghost a lot. MC work as a support role artist which only have 1-3 scenes at most since he can’t have close contact with people for a long time or the people around will have misfortune/accident. MC only have 1 close friend with enough yang that he can be close. One day, MC only jade protection broke and his yin leaked out thus being detected by a metaphysics master, ML. After that ML helped MC to have MC jade be repaired and lending his weapon incomparable qingli/ 8 diagram mirror copper to protect and mask MC yin. They become close enough until when ML saw the repaired jade result and surprised to see that it actually a piece that connect to his own jade to make a full yin yang jade piece. ML realized that this is his wife that his master left for him before his master died. ML tried to be good with MC by helping cooking, cleaning house, etc. His master teach to ML was that he need to protect his wife. ML master met with father and MC but mistaken MC as a girl since MC looked cute. ML master helped MC by sending a jade stone to protect MC.)

Author: 龙柒
(MC wake up only to find out that he had slept with ML. In a rush, MC runaway from the place by driving a car but died in a car accident. MC wake up again realized that he had not died but accompanied with a system telling him to do task if he want to get a life point. So he need to do the task given by the system related to ML like kissing, give own made chocolate shaped heart, being hug high, add ML as weechat friend, sleep together, close contact, cooking and feed ML, let ML sleep in his thigh, help ML bathing, make ML jealous/sad, make let ML feed him medicine, etc. It was revealed later that his life was actually given by ML. When MC died in car accident, ML meet with the system and do a trade to give his own life to revive MC with the condition of memory erased. There is the cousin that want to kill MC but it seriously is not brought into detail and there are no conversation of the cousin. All is conversation from the MC.)

Author: 夕夕里
(MC is an artist and singer which the only survivor in a spaceship attack incident. But his life is in a dangerous state so MC was brought to the military hospital for treatment where MC paired with ML. ML is the Federal Highest Marshal in military but have problem in his temperament and personality. So ML psychiatrist decided that maybe he can use MC to solve ML problem since there was no heart that can’t be captured by MC considering all MC fans goes crazy over MC. So here goes the story.. Anyway, the ML is so possessive and perhaps aggressive. Finally the two of them wake up but only MC remembered what happened so far thus decided to find the man ML. MC finally found ML via his grandfather connection. ML doesn’t seem to remember MC at all and what happened. MC pursued ML and finally got his heart but problem came up which ML 7 characters each showed up at each night when sleeping which said to be “split personality”. MC need to solve the problem by explaining everything to them.)

Author: 酒矣
(A cute story of being a worker in a cub raising place. MC is a normal person but suddenly there was a meteor strike in his yard with a light appear and asked for his help to prevent something (planet being destroyed) from happening in the future. Most of the cubs there have problem like bear with great strength, bird can’t fly, mermaid can’t talk & be away from water, turtle always flip over when walk, dog with blind eyes, dragon with black attribute, egg of horned cat that didn’t hatch for 30 years. )

Author: 易修罗
(MC cat demon photo model x ML vine plant demon photographer. MC is attracted to ML scent.)

Author: 月下桑
(MC live in small town with his grandpa when suddenly received the news of his sister with boyfriend in a car accident. MC went to the hospital to visit his sister and had a dream of his sister which later his sister died and only living black baby egg inside stomach. There are men in black chased the sister and caused the accident to get the sister bone marrow but later died in the hand of the boyfriend who later transformed into demon. MC brought the black baby egg to their hometown to live with grandpa. MC have a friend there which he asked where to bought injection for the baby and later then MC work in the nursing home of the said friend mother. There are kind of dust like that almost cause MC friend to die but saved by MC baby pee. MC school got a new transfer girl student which later brought MC to work in a villa behind to the nursing home hot spring. MC then meet with a guy (ML) while cleaning the yard which he thought another worker. MC meet again a few times and even have conversation about picture dream which ML said MC grandpa a kind of monster that eat meat. MC been worried that his grandpa wont live long so he cooked meat and even porridge with blood later gave his blood directly. Then there is earthquake in the town but grandpa and the egg missing. Grandpa and egg are being caught by people which later MC tried to save them then finally when hiding to the villa he worked. ML saved MC and offered option to either bring grandpa and egg to monster world or stay in human world thus die. MC choose the first option and made pact with ML to not hurt other party which also worked with ML. ML have to go through dead ritual being eaten and then rebirth before the travel to the monster world. ML finally brought MC to his home in demon world.)

Author: 浩瀚
(Kinda messy since it involved numbers of (business) people. MC is a rich son that only know how to spend drift money from his father. MC family are father, stepmother and little brother but the relationship with the last two are not good. MC have a pet white snake. MC are busy pursuing a girl but there is the girl uncle, ML. The girl was sent to study abroad by the uncle. MC father company (built by MC father & mother, a friend) went bankrupt thus forced to pay a lot of debt and his father is hospitalized. MC is forced to find someone to help him with money since the family money was half taken away by the stepmother. Finally MC meet with Shen old man who told him to ask for ML help. ML didn’t want to help at first until another try that is for MC body. So there began the relationship of MC freedom personality with ML authoritarian personality. MC father survived then gave the company right to MC and then have relationship with a nurse. Anyway MC father friend got caught by police, MC father run away abroad with sickness reason, MC got jailed for a week which made MC hair turned white, until the girl came back home from study abroad, MC quarrelled with ML and ran away. MC got sick with fever and ML came chasing MC. There are some black suit people with gun came chasing ML and MC which they ran with car but ML got shot in the shoulder. MC checked in the hospital and diagnosed with blood cancer or leukemia and later the end result “acute leukemia”. ML brought MC abroad to which where MC father and went for MC bone marrow operation. MC father married with the nurse and have a daughter which have the compatible bone marrow with MC so ML gave money to MC father as compensation for the daughter. MC later solved the company problem and split the company assets to friends and went chasing ML abroad after being persuaded by ML. ML then proposed to MC.)

Author: 睡芒
(MC is a teacher and his cousin is his student. MC have a lover, the lawyer. The cousin liked a rich uncle until both of them meet with MC in traffic jam. The rich uncle (ML) decided to broke up with MC cousin and chase MC. MC got into fight with the lawyer then kinda got raped. ML helped MC to pressure the lawyer and the lawyer threatened MC with MC naked photos. ML finally get close with MC and even get house rented and a dog to MC. Until MC and ML meet with MC cousin and the lawyer together. MC cousin got caught throwing cheat paper to backseat friend in exam and made so MC got punished as teacher since MC is the exam watcher. MC cousin even went as far as spreading rumor of MC as gay because the lawyer who got drunk said he treated MC cousin as MC replacement. ML decided to bring MC to meet with both parent and even got ML atm card frozen by the father. Later ML father got sick and ML got imprisoned in basement. ML runaway by digging wall and finally meet with MC 2 months later. ML and MC decided to runaway to overseas but at the final moment, a call from ML mother said ML father sick asked ML to come back. Finally both can be together.)

Author: 燕行
(MC is a soul person from immortal martial era that transmigrated to a modern era of an artist died from sleeping pills. The artist have a dog and when MC came , he can actually talk to the dog. MC and the dog became friend quickly. MC decided to train the dog to learn transformation so it can transform into human. While MC continue to be artist while also good at metaphysic, fengshui reading , curse and tai-chi. Finally the dog turned into human male which is the ML.)

Author: 梅果
(This why I don’t like palace/dynasty love story, there is no good ending. Skipped half. Anyway the ending, MC didn’t get to be with anyone. He didn’t get with the 2nd prince nor the bodyguard. MC died which the causes are either heart problem from when MC being caught and given too much spring medicine or 2nd prince poisoning (2nd prince sending ginseng to MC which MC keep saying the weird taste) or MC died from being stabbed by a man which was it. Well, it is not weird considering that the 2nd prince didn’t know that he and MC are brother but I think the prince should be able to guess since the emperor treatment to MC is like a father to son. The bodyguard seemed to lost memory and even married to a woman and have children but eventually died then buried together next to MC. fut…
I dislike MC uncle which MC kept calling father because he kept the secret that the king is MC real father. I also dislike the king which so stupid that think by bring the MC close to him in the palace can protect MC. What stupid idea is this? Clearly everybody there are like bad fox that want to hurt MC and others there (with exception the King, empress dowager, concubine mother of 2nd prince) don’t know that MC is the king son. Empress dowager and concubine mother of 2nd prince want to kill MC. MC even get caught by the order of the two and being hurt, rape and drugged so much that it wouldn’t be weird for MC to be dead already. I wonder if they destroy MC face would the king even get angrier but the empress dowager only get banished. And MC is stupid that he get thinner that the king recognize him as his past lover/MC mother. You should eat a lot ah. But that way, maybe the 2nd prince won’t love MC since he only looked at MC beautiful face.)

Author: 西子绪
(MC got into car accident and the soul transmigrated into a fengshui swindler (with a imaginary bird) caught by a fengshui master which is ML. MC becoming the apprentice of ML forced to participating fengshui international tournament. Identifying which stone contain most precious jade, doll house family murder scene, mall building drowning murder scene, surviving and solving ethnic tribe missing corpse cases which the winning prize is the antique mirror. MC got additional weasel pet and paper people. There are also cases: a female artist with belly wounds causes by abortion and preserving baby corpse, a girl got a curse from website which caused herself to die and became living ghost, a paper people tried to kill MC a few times, a bridge with car accident and stone stele, an old abandonment apartment building cause by fire accident with ghosts in water tank, zombie girl on banyan tree, a rich businessman with puss wound on body caused by the second wife, a visit to paper people master village with paper house got burned and a visit to ancient paper tree which MC get a paper kid and ancient tree branch, MC soul got sent to underworld caused by old weasel grandma, the coming of ML’s female cousin, a famous school murder cases with seven ghosts in which MC got caught, the emergence of supernatural organization group with videos playing game-ghost causing incidents then MC & ML infiltration to the group that saved the members, ML almost burned because of his Yang constitution, getting odd parcels from buying sunscreen which sent by a dragon, a girl that like dogs fighting with all her dogs turned to human face with long hair, an underground tunnel project with missing people incident, ML love confession to MC when MC was sick, second visit to paper people master village that got fire incident and the ancient tree also disappear, a villa house with 12 ghosts that actually have skeletons walls and another visit to the daughter which finally get a family photo of 3, paper kraft parcel that can show the future with blood drip, a visit to the Meng family in vulcano land then a meet with burnt ashes people and moving black liquid, a visit to mental hospital with all the doctor already dead, MC got sick becoming cold since it’s not the real body, the missing ML and the Meng person telling MC where ML was in volcano mountain, MC went there to save ML by sacrificing blood and chunk of meat then the bird awakening and ML wake up but MC died of blood loss. Fortunately ML finally meet with the real MC again in hospital survived from car accident. MC loss memory but later remembered everything except the bird.)

Author: 困成熊猫
(MC got into accident and transmigrated to a village in dynasty style along with his hated enemy, ML whom protected MC when the accident happened. This is a very relaxing story which focused on having farm live, earning money, have children. The childhood friend married someone else and the (previous body)MC being sad later drowned in the river which later replaced by MC soul. The same also happened with ML. MC then married to ML after knowing who ML was, it was the previously hated enemy. MC didn’t know that ML actually liked him and thought of ML robbed his crush which actually ML cousin. I like that MC prefer to live in village happily rather than living in big town/city especially in dynasty story. They are both normal people and although have skill but it is all in-line with previous life skill. MC major was actor and ML major was agriculture in university. MC good at embroidery cause of his mother.)

Author: 橘色鸟
(So-so, lacking suspense. MC is transmigrated person into a beast. ML is also transmigrated person. Both to the same world. MC later meet with ML and after being chased for being a high beast later saved by ML and made into contracted beast with 50-50 relationship or husband-wife life contract instead of master-servant contract. ML fell in love with MC since MC looked like his previous life brother. Of course not real brother, ML was an orphan and adopted into MC family to be MC brother. Later ML died of gunshot to protect MC from being kidnapped. ML arrived first in the world then being rescued by an evil masked man which later killed by ML and then ML replaced the masked man. There are really no bad person in this stories though there is the ML chaser that asked to have a duel with MC but after being defeated by MC, his existence is diminished.)

Author: 无射
(Short but awesome story. MC is a scientist and ML is an ex military veteran. ML work for disabled MC as bodyguard. MC fall in love with ML but sad after watching ML with massage-girl. MC got kidnapped but saved by ML but then MC got to know that ML going to get married so MC terminate the bodyguard contract. MC got attacked and wounded in science conference. ML got the news thus leaving the girlfriend and cancelled the wedding then rushed to meet MC in hospital. They both got together but another hired sniper appeared which is ML military friend and the hired sniper decided not to kill MC. MC summoned by the father to be asked for marriage. ML got attacked and shot on the chest at night but saved by the hired sniper. ML tried to meet MC in the wedding church, got into trap and be accused of killing MC father. MC got shocked after the news but decided to believe ML. MC meet with ML again and decided to run to airport but they got tracked thus leaving MC in bathroom. MC meet with his brother and finally got raped by the brother and knowing the truth that the brother who made him disabled and killed the father. MC found tracker in his feet and got help by his assistant. The assistant tried to kill MC with detonated bom for MC research. ML find MC brother to find MC but MC is gone thus both searched in lab. The bom in the lab detonated but both ran with car. The hired sniper hit the car that the car went to sea. MC got saved and got heart transplant. His brother said that ML had left and married his girlfriend with wedding photo as proof. MC decided to rehabilitate his disabled leg and managed to walk. MC find the ML girlfriend and realized who the husband is. MC finally know that his brother lied to him thus he went to the beach and swam to the lighthouse where MC meet with ML there.)

Author: 慕言一
(A bit like strongly pampered male wife but with cleanliness OCD ML
. But with more additional like love rival, friends, business rival, screenwriter as MC job, film industry, box office, holographic game, holiday/vacation. Especially the crazy love rival that tried to separate MC and ML even tried to kidnap and destroy MC face. )

Author: 月之熙
(A little bit like previous where MC have a son with ML without ML knowing it. But MC here is too pessimistic that I feel it was made like that only to make the story longer. ML is kinda that he doesn’t seem to care enough to explain clearly to MC. While MC is too afraid to even talk or ask thus can only guess everything in mind with mc response was “I,I,I…”.)

Author: 睡芒
(MC was a leg disability before he died of car explosion. MC already close with ML since ML the one who looking after MC in wheelchair. MC then rebirth into an artist with low-pain threshold/tolreance. MC meet again with ML after MC checking his personal database. MC doesnt want to recognize ML but eventually give up. Someone from the MC past want to kill MC again. I don’t quite understand the reason for killing MC. Supposed that old man felt that MC a traitor but MC wasn’t and the real traitor was the old man daughter itself. But then why the daughter want to kill MC? probably cause MC refused/rejected her. It wasn’t explained how MC managed to get proof of the old man money laundry business in the past.)

Author: 月下蝶影
(MC is the all-can-do worker since in the past life, he worked from being office worker, hotel worker, casino worker, restaurant worker, artist worker. ML is the most prominent grandson of big wealthy family. There are still something unclear about MC biological father and MC step-father relationship, whether both were friend or stranger. If both were friends then the story would make sense with MC biological father probably already knew that he’s being targeted so he let go of his wife as a way of protection and asked his friend to protect the mother and child. If both were stranger then it would be weird why there was no second child from the MC step-father. The one who wanted to kill MC family is actualy the uncle (brother of father) and the grandfather for business reason.)

Author: 黑猫白袜子
(I hope this could get translated because this seemed to be good.)

Author: 橘子舟
(Kinda like Quickly wear the face of the devil (FOD). But MC is not a hacker. He is just a normal person (reincarnation/transmigration) with the task of saving a commander scattered soul.)

Author: 半盏茗香
(MC died and kinda returned to the past. The story mostly about MC and ML while MC dealing with all the bad people in the past life (father, brother, uncle, ex-boyfriend). In the past life, MC and ML went through hardship with ML ended up dead and MC can’t walk/in wheelchair.)

Author: 一袭白衣
(MC died and returned to the past with eyes skill that can give things rating and a little of description. This is far more interesting than the previous one. ML is the enemy (company enemy) in the previous life. But still, it is a bit silly considering that MC knew his half/step brother liked him(MC) and had malicious thought for him(MC) but MC still come to visit. Leaving bodyguard at the outside thus MC got hit and kidnapped. Lucky enough, MC didn’t get killed. lol)

Author: 绝望的萝卜
(MC is poor with a sickly (foster) mother, a brother and a sister. MC father already died. ML is a past high school friend who was in love with MC thus confessed but rejected by MC. MC work as servant in his auntie (from father side) house and was in so much debt with the auntie because of MC sickly mother. Auntie asked MC to marry ML in return for helping MC with money. MC have a boyfriend but the boyfriend being grabbed by the cousin (auntie son). MC broke up with the boyfriend and married ML. All of those people around mocked MC for his poorness. The ML family side are very good with the MC giving lots of high gifts like watch, car, villa, etc. ML already had 3 wives but all of them died accidentally before married. It is funny that ML is not suspected of wives murder already… I guess the auntie worried that if she made his own son married ML, it will have the same end of those wives so she arranged MC be the one. MC didn’t believe that ML really like him thus he didn’t want to accept all the gifts from the MC family. MC finally managed to get a job in a company through the cousin friend without knowingly. MC didn’t want to but forced anyway since he needed money. But later MC resigned from the corporate since they all mocked MC being married to old man though he was the one who told others that he married to old man. MC meet with a drunk man in front of autie house and the drunk man mistook MC as MC father because MC and MC father look alike. The drunk man is the auntie husband but also the lover of MC father. Auntie tried to kill MC in car crash but failed being hit by ML car. Auntie barely survived with long coma while ML survived and awake. Auntie husband then realized that MC is the son of his friend(lover) and is actually his own son too and so MC is half-brother with auntie son. MC is the kind of man that can give birth and so his father. Auntie is MC father sister.)

Author: 钟晓生
(MC is a fanfic made out from a protagonist in a novel. ML fanfic got transmigrated to the novel with additional invincible, undefeatable, fast-learning, p-protection and p-radar. So when the ML is close in 100meter range, MC p-radar would get hard automatically. ML parents being killed by lightning-fire while ML survived but his cultivation root being sealed. When in a match, MC protect ML from being attacked with lightning-fire power then ML also got accused of killing their drug-master with the same lightning-fire power. Thus both get kicked out from the mountain-school. They got a graybird as companion. MC got his sword destroyed but managed to complete capturing tiger-demon mission with sword as a reward. Both went to nothingness realm to meet a master there to ask question who killed ML parents with lightning-fire power. They need 5 heavenly-panacea to open ML seal and both finally know that something sealed inside ML body which also protect ML body. Both went to snow mountain to defeat magic-devil master who slave people with arm-mark but MC defeated it. Both went to demon-city to collect the last panacea and having to fight with demon king. But they eventually went back to the mountain-school to fight with the greybird who is a phoenix ancestor and also the school founder. ML finally get pregnant because his own stupid careless request to the new drug-master asking for no-child drug because ML was so afraid that MC word of ML pregnant becoming true. )

Author: 木米花
(MC have a son with ML without ML knowing it. MC finally meet again with ML after a long time. ML is actually their boss. ML wanted to pursue MC again and finally know that MC had his son. ML fiance came. MC finally accepted ML and move to a new house with ML and son. They went to trip on Disneyland on Japan but disrupted by ML fiance coming. Both fought and argued each other then reconciled after mistake. MC meet with ML family in gathering. ML wanted a second child but MC is afraid although later MC accepted but then the son doesn’t want. Later both married and MC finally pregnant with second child.)

Author: 青端
(MC seemed to like bullying ML in the past before being changed by a reader. Since then MC(reader) helped ML thus ML later fall in love with MC. Something a miss like searching for a tool to keep soul intact (for the father) but later not mentioned again since they don’t know where to find. Also ML parents that went missing but ML doesn’t seem like he want to search for them though he later knew that they went disappeared after went into some realm. The gift from the system was actually a sex book. Oh come on, I thought it would be the item for soul something. Anyway, MC father being forgotten since MC brother already have a lover later which is a medicine practitioner. The medicine practitioner saved MC brother and even went to give one of his own hand to MC brother. So i guess MC brother is not lonely anymore and doesnt need his father anymore?)

Author: 风吹南方
(MC is a reader that transmigrated to be a protagonist in the novel he read. ML is the villain in the novel. Anyway, MC here kinda don’t believe at other people at all except for the ML since the only one who helped MC when he drowned at the frozen lake was the ML. The story would be about the supposedly dragon and phoenix cultivator that would fight each other with either dragon killed phoenix or reverse to reach immortality. But no one knows the truth that both dragon and phoenix are double/pair cultivator instead which later will be revealed by both MC and ML when they accidentally find the way to the pair house. MC is the phoenix and ML is the dragon.)

Author: 千非
(MC is indifferent and cold face but surprisingly kinda lazy? if there is nothing important MC basically just laze around doing nothing but be chummy with ML. Being pet by ML all day around. the enemy is so-so and not worth mentioning. only when it was about the ghost story that is more better. )

Author: 肆二一
(MC is a writer on internet. ML is a petshop owner (also businessman). MC have allergies with fur so can’t accept ML since ML have a cat. Then MC and ML cat swept soul. MC becoming a cat have the bell chat (red envelope) group. MC trying to be famous by doing online broadcast and do dance. MC meet with 2 cats (master and black panther cultivator). MC helped a almost blind cat of an artist then become more famous. ML helped a dog owner later get a mystical bone from the dog. MC helped a cat to find his master and even went to intersection hell. MC helped a bunny rabit cultivator sister to find a mooncake maker sister. MC saved and helped a frog to find a koi friend which later becoming a dragon. MC meet with a rat (transform as a pig) trying to steal bone from MC for heavenly tribulation becoming god resident. ML protect MC. ML actually the Great Emperor of heavenly beings.)

Author: 精分柚子茶
(There are 2 MC: MC(from this life world) & MC(from the past world) MC actually meet a ghost which is actually from the past world with same face and same voice. They became friends later. MC hate his own father because his father left his mom and him. MC hate is so deep that MC wishes his father death to follow his mother. Later MC meet ML thus fall in love. But too bad, ML didn’t like MC at all. MC father took ML as his own son maybe feeling guilty of ML father death. ML in between of hate & gratitude of MC father since ML know the cause of his death father. ML took care of MC and even agreed to married MC out of fulfilling MC father death request. Later MC got into accident and the ghost took in MC body. Anyway, the MC from this life world is so sad and his friend is only the ghost. Afterwards the ghost replace MC and getting all the love from ML, his brother and family, friends. I was like what….? It would be better if the author just make the MC remember his past world.)

我是NPC (I am an NPC)
Author : 倾如故
(MC is an Emperor in a game. He died and transmigrated into a body of a real world. MC is a half-brother of ML which they will later develop into love. MC in life becoming an artist and later famous artist to receive first award. ML got into accident (almost died) caused by enemy from another big wealthy family (probably the female that he’s supposed to marry). In the end, MC still tried to go back to game or something.)

古典音乐之王 (King of Classical Music)
Author: 莫晨欢
(MC got into fight with his lover before performance. MC died of asthma attack caused by his lover. MC transmigrated into a new body of a Chinese teenager that is also good at violin like his previous life plus with strong hearing. MC then meet with (his secret fan) a famous pianist and composer which will be his (new) lover. The bad people (old lover + mastermind) are so easy to be solved and they got into jail. Basically almost no one know that MC have transmigrated except the new lover and (later decided to make hint to old lover in jail). Eventually MC reached and become the conductor for ML orchestra music team.)

Author: 寒梅墨香
(MC is a doctor and ML is a soldier. It feels like Beauty and the Beast at first. Only for later, the MC realized that ML is handsome and very kind to him thus beginning to fall in love. ML got angry with MC because MC didn’t listen to ML warning of not going to mountain for work. ML decided to punish MC and almost raped MC if MC didn’t admit/yield of his wrongdoing. MC got scared in the end so he surrendered. I’m curious here…. I mean if MC still didn’t admit/yield in the end, will ML rape MC? What would happen then? MC will hate ML forever or perhaps MC will say “I’m not wrong. Go ahead if you want to rape me, I’ll hate(never forgive) you forever”. MC parents is the old fashioned where they don’t accept homo-relationship and even hit MC with stick which later persuaded by ML parents (mom). MC parents are kinda forced to accepts partly because ML parents & family that is a big wealthy and prestigious one. ML family are almost all in national defense forces. Both later married.)

默读 (Silent Reading)
Author: Priest
(The end (boss) fight is a bit abrupt. It was like how a superman suddenly came to the location beat the bad guys in one swoop fell. They (the bad guys) don’t bring enough gun. There are still mystery in Fei Changyu that became vegetative person. Why Fei still keep his dad alive as vegetative person despite everything?)

Author: 小一不是小二
(MC and and his lover are duo singer in scandal. The company decided to kick MC out but keep his lover. Another company president decided to take MC in. The company president will be the new lover.)

巨擘 (Jubo)
Author: 尹琊
(ML is the boss of MC ad very supportive of MC. Fighting between grandsons for company which is stupid. What did they get? Nothing but bad end. But the relationship between MC & his brother & sister(real & not real) is so good. At least his real brother and sister is not jealous of him at all. The male can get babies. oh yeah…)

Strongly Pampered Male Wife
Author: 赤脚下的路
(MC can get pregnant and even for the second time. Jealousy & greedy brother. ML very supportive and protective of MC)

Author: 泡面香肠君
(it almost like that every female that associated with MC are greedy people. His mom, his two auntie and even his uncle wife and in-law, friends. They all think of money, property and wealth. When MC got in jail, they all ran away. ML is an adoptive brother but MC didn’t know it until when Grandpa dead.)

Author: 风流书呆
(At first MC planet is full of zombies then he got into brain experiment and died. The MC got rebirth after that he seems to be immortal as he can just went to sleep then awakened in the following next years to search for ML.)

Author: 大風刮過
(MC died struck by lightning and replacing a dead prince. The prince have a lot of male pet. Until MC meet with ML then accidentally destroy ML wedding. So MC have to marry ML as compensation.)

Author: 一波三折
(Why do i feel that MC is like a slut male? I can understand that MC have been abstinence in real life for 26 years since birth..but MC is just he doesn’t care who ever it is as long as the face is good looking, body nice thin, etc then he will sleep with them.)

Author: 莫晨欢
(MC Supermodel x ML Supermodel Designer. MC will then surpassed ML in the supermodel rankings as the number one in ranking list.)

Author: 風流書呆
(MC is a son from a wealthy family background. MC’s mom is a retired superstar. ML is already famous superstar.)

Author: 手帕望明月
(An MC Doctor with an ML patient.)

Author: 送君十里
(High IQ & EQ MC but Zero IQ ML. No OOC?)

author: 阿黑黑黑
(Half read …. About zombies but so far seems promising. )

author: 雾隐失落天wq
(This is a good story with happy ending. About a Minister (actually a transferred person from modern to ancient time) and a King)

(This is a good story with happy ending. About two princes got married to each other. Male Wife)

author: 完结+番外
(funny…though i didn’t expect that the MC will actually end up with the one he failed to engaged.)